October 31, 2022

UGENE increases functionality and popularity


Our company launched the first release of Unipro UGENE open source bioinformatics platform in 2008. For more than 14 years, the number of releases is approaching fifty. Functionality options have grown many times over, and the number of users is in the tens of thousands on all continents. So, in the current October, the weekly number of program launches approached 12 thousand, and the number of downloads of the last August 44th release exceeded 19 thousand in two months.

The project team implements user requests to improve work with analysis tools, thus allowing UGENE to be a worthy competitor to commercial products. So, for example, a new view option in the multiple sequence alignment editor will be built into the next release. User communications is everyday activity of the team. In case of complex problem expert biologists are involved. Commercial support makes it possible to quickly receive additional software functionality and individual training.

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