Redesign and support for existing customer IT systems is conventional part of our work.

Reengineering & Support

If performance and functionality of your IT system no longer meet the requirements of today and its support need too much resources, it makes sense to think about transferring to new technologies. We can improve the performance, scalability and functionality of your system by reducing future costs for maintenance and modernization.

Work types

  • Improvement and adaptation to new environment;
  • Reworking of software system core and re-design of legacy system;
  • System support – bugs fixing and integration;
  • Adoption of new features and components;
  • Project recovery;
  • Users support;

We adhere to the following principles:

Knowledge transfer
Objectives and business environment where customer’s IT system is used is analysed. This provides better understanding of user needs, more in-depth knowledge of customer’s legacy  IT system.

Safe reengineering
Both customer and end-users are always working with a stable and well-functioning IT system. All changes made in the system are always consistent, reliable, and do not break the system as a whole.

Quick response to customer and users requests
Pocessing of requests depends on their priorities, but in any case we try to response within 1 business day.

Extensive testing and performance research
All changes are thoroughly tested for compatibility and all functional implementation, integrity, scalability and performance. Particular attention is paid to system performance and workload  resistance, which is especially important if system is used in mission-critical tasks.