Expert bioinformatics tool for biologists and medics.

This tool helps:

  • quickly obtain comprehensive information on each variation (genes, risks, diseases)
  • choose interesting variations with help of program filters related to deseases, location in genes/chromosomes,  damaging effect, frequency, unknown variatons
  • visualize all variations in details

Upload variations in any available format (vcg, gvf, …) from any research. Each variation is processed via integrated database, which combines refined data from world open sources (UCSC, OMIM, dbSNP,…).  Summary on variations is given in a single block, which then can be filtered and form various sets due to search parameters. Reports  are delivered on list of variations as well as on a single varation.

Extensions of basic version are possible through:

  • integration of  data from additional databases
  • additional interfaces, filters and reports
  • integration with medical information systems

Beta version is available  on request to snp-dev [ ]


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