We highly value collaboration and stable relationships

Novosibirsk State University (NSU)   – for a long-lasting period we are connected by friendship and mutual cooperation, especially with Computer Science Department. Every year UNIPRO accepts new students and post-graduates, helps them to adopt to practice of professional programming and implement their diploma projects. 300-OLD-НГУ
Sibacademsoft – we are tightly incorporated in this non-commercial partnership of Novosibirsk software companies, which applies efforts for already 15 years to cooperate with local and federal authorities, technological associations and innovation enterprises, in building the effective partnerships aimed on fast growth of IT industry in Siberia and whole Russia.  logo_sas
Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Academpark) – provides various support programs to its residents, which applies to our company status since 2010. We participate in  co-joint marketing campaigns, attend Technopark contests and excibitions. UNIPRO is also one of the operators of IT engineer center located in Academpark. 300-Академпарк-лого
SB RAS – is a stable partner through the years, as science-intensive programming projects needs cooperation with deep field professionals. One of the examples is Repository of Algorithms and Programs, developed and supported by UNIPRO for siberian scientists since 2010. UNIPRO attends international conferences and workshops, held by SB RAS such as BGRS or PSI. 300x110_СО РАН
Alteametasoft – European partner, thqt presents our IT services and products in EU.  Alteametasoft logo