Company success for more than 20 years is primeraly due to its highly professional personnel 


UNIPRO engineers possess the best practices of software development and apply them in everyday work. These practices are based both on excellent education and continuous knowledge transfer within the company. Our team has obtained unique IT competences, for example, in system programming, that are  transmitted laboriously and personally.  

Young engineers  attend UNIPRO while studying at senior university courses and become confident professionals gaining  practical work skills in real projects.  Scientific center environment with its strong research traditions strongly contributes to the quick growth of young specialists’ professionalism. Combination of classical R&D with innovative practices gives high-quality prospective results.

Company managers help their teams to reach the best results and administration officers provide stable business climate, competitive salary and friendly atmosphere. Long-tern relationship with the majority of our customers is  the merit of the whole team, from test engineers to top managers.