We test programming languages and programming technologies for compliance with standards and specifications 


This type of testing projects are purchased by companies that are in position to produce technologies for widely use around the world.

Conformance testing of new set of standards for Web-development (USA, 2012-2014)

Testing the different parts of the Web components technology. Set of certification tests developed, checking compliance with the specification for  Shadow DOM, HTML Template, HTML Custom Elements.
Html, DOM, JavaScriprt

Conformance testing for Dart programming language (USA, c 2011)

Testing of programming language implementation for compliance with the official specification. Test coverage of the specification and API are implemented. Numerous errors of implementation were found and adjusted to specification.
Dart, JavaScript, Html

Conformance Testing Framework (USA, 2009)

Conformance testing of complex programming platform. Dozens of bugs revealed in industry-standard solutions installed on hundreds of millions computers worldwide.
Java, JUnit, Apache Ant

  • powerful test harness
  • coverage tracking
  • database of defects in industry-standard implementations
  • complete developer’s guide, design documentation
Conformance Testing Framework (USA, 2008)

Testing conformance of different implementations of programming language with language standard. Testing of several programming engines with relevant reporting.  Full coverage of the standard with the developed test suite with full reporting. Set of project manuals developed.
HTML, XML, JavaScript, SVN, etc

  • run tests and calculate pass rate on different engines
  • coverage tracking tool
  • at least one test for every production
  • scripts for executing the tests
  • full user’s guide, design doc and test building guide
Conformance Testing Frameworks for Java platform (Sun Microsystems, 199х-200х)

UNIPRO team took part in realization of several Java standards, creating test frameworks and suites including:
1. Conformance testing for 14 releases of J2SE, ~25.000 tests in total were developed
2. Development of JDK test suites
3. Development of conformance tests for Java XML technologies
4. J2ME certification test suites

Testing process includes:

Test engineering
  • Determining testing strategy and development of test case specifications;
  • Test suites structure design;
  • Development of test suite build / run / result analysis and test case generation tools;
  • Test case code and documentation development;
  • Analysis of existing test suites for a product or technology for re-using;
  • Porting of other vendor's test suites;
Executions of test cycles
  • Code, specification and product documentation reviews;
  • Scheduled and on-demand test runs, results analysis and reporting;
  • Bug reports tracking, verification of bug fixes;
  • Investigation of source codes for bug fixing.
Testing quality improvement analysis
  • Measurement and analysis of assertion coverage by test suites;
  • Measurement and analysis of source code coverage by test suites;
  • Determining strategies for improving assertion / source code coverage.
Investigations for optimization
  • Development and running of code analyzing tools, results analysis;
  • investigations of system architecture, design and source codes for identifying performance bottlenecks.