We solve problems of managing business processes, personnel and resources  

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Such projects require careful design and specification study. During project development the customer and software contractor  optimizes interface and improve functionality.

Observe the selected cases below:

Project and Portfolio Management system (EU, since 2007)

All relevant project information is centralized through a powerful Web interface, enabling optimization of schedules and resource usage. Fine visibility and communications for different administrative tiers are provided through dashboards, on-demand reports, etc. The solution is highly customizable.

J2EE, Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM WebSphere,

  • integrates collaboration, document management and workflow tools
  • role-based and configurable dashboards, forms, and reports address all users within the organization, from executives to project team members
  • powerful online reporting and analysis tools ensure that project investments are successful and stay permanently aligned with business strategy
  • provides demands and opportunities management
SaaS platform for outsourcing (EU, since 2009)

Web-based multi-tier environment serves as a set of everyday tools for those who are concerned with outsourcing of software development. It essentially enlightens and standardizes communications between clients and service providers. Unipro team developed project from scratch with  full technical specification.   Regular upgrades with new features are implemented.

MySQL, AJAX, DAV, Apache2 (+ custom auth plugins), Java, Wicket, PHP, SONAR, SVN, Wiki, JavaScript, jQuery

  • helps to develop outsourcing strategy
  • helps to manage requirements, teams interaction, source code, project docs, reports
  • provides collaboration tools (e-mail, chat, news board)
  • simplifies bidding process in tenders
  • renders fine administrative options
Scheduling software (USA, 2008-2012)

Powerful web-based solution for scheduling of organization resources like workplaces, audio/video resources, etc. Allows user to reserve resources via web browser, approve reservations made by other users, perform check-in/check-out, visitors and event management etc. Has powerful reporting tool.

ASP, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, VisualBasic, C#

  • Mobility Suite. Access to Resource Scheduler through Kiosks and Mobile Devices.
  • WebRequest. Allows people outside of an organization to request resources without a Resource Scheduler login. Administrators can then either assign a resource or deny the request.
  • Asset Management. Allows to manage groups of resources generally stocked in large numbers or checked-out for extended periods of time to optimize utilization.
  • Visitor Management. Allows to schedule and track visitors to a location.
  • Resource Scheduler for Outlook®/Exchange®. Allows to schedule people and resources in real-time without fear of double-bookings using familiar Outlook calendar
Systems monitoring software (EU, 2010-2012)

Distributed monitoring solution that helps IT departments to prevent, detect and solve problems on the managed systems, hosts, applications and services. The powerful filtering and correlation engine allows to increase the efficiency of the IT operations by reducing the number of incidents and pin pointing of hot spots in the environment The Agent based client-server architecture provides local intelligence, reliable operation and minimize the monitoring overhead.

J2EE, MS SQL Server, Eclipse RCP, Jasper reports

  • Full featured stand-alone UI client and Web based UI client for main solution services and administration
  • Powerful performance reporting including ad-hoc and scheduled template based reports
  • Central Performance Data Collection and History Data View
  • Hot deployable native and Java Monitors and Actions including dozens of system/network/software protocols and APIs
  • E-Mail and SMS based notification subsystem
  • Open Interfaces for integration of self developed Monitors
  • High-quality support and documentation