UGENE  is a powerful toolkit  for molecular biologists integrating ever-growing set of bioinformatics algorithms. 

Complex genome analysis is that area where UGENE is most useful. Starting from the native sequencing data, you can do all necessary manipulations – assembly NGS data, map reads, search functional elements and complex signals, annotate, align, build phylogeny, etc. Various algorithms, methods and tools are integrated within unified rich user interface. Useful technological features substantially enhance functionality – that is WD, external tools launching, command line interface, multi-user mode for team work.

  • Editing and annotating  sequences
  • Search for functional sites and homologies, with remote resources as well
  • Alignment and Phylogeny
  • Cloning in silico/PCR in silico
  • Prosessing chromatograms
  • Processing NGS data – assembling and visualisation of genomes, transcriptomes, ChiP-Seq
  • Search for genome variations
  • Use of  data from remote resources, support of multiple data formats
  • Workflow Designer for multi-step analysis with dozens of ready computational pipelines

Full functionality can be observed on project site .

UGENE is a cross-platform package, easily set up and operating on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, free distributed under GPLv2 license. Project tracker and source code are available.

Users support is provided through several channels – forum, email, Youtube podcast, vKontakte, Facebook.

Users can purchase real-time education via live webinars and seminars.

We propose also:

  • Technical support  different options
  • Special versions of UGENE built whith new algorithms, databases, computational pipelines, interfaces, with different  user licenses.
  • Adoption to clouds and  computational clusters of various types.
  • Development of special software for new R&D projects.

Our computing skills in bioinformatics might be that missing link your need to enhance your project. To observe our competence one can visit UGENE website and specified bioinformatics case studies.