Since 2003 we develop software for biologists

bionformatics at Unipro

We implement bioinformatics project in various directions.These are new algorithms; optimization af legal interfaces and algorithms; development of computational pipelines; integration of different methods, applications and databases. Cloud, cluster and special processors computations are available on demand. We can implement custom solutions on basis of UGENE platform as well as development new projects from scratch.

Integrated bioinformatics tools environment Unipro UGENE (since 2008)

Open source cross-platform toolkit Unipro UGENE for complex genome analysis integrates various popular algorithms and methods, renders highly interactive GUI.


  • Analysis, annotations, search of structural elements
  • NGS data processing, genome variations search
  • Sequence alignment and phylogeny
  • Cloning, In silico PCR
  • Access to remote databases
  • Workflow Designer for pipeline data processing
  • Support multiple biological data formats
  • Automation of small labs via shared database
  • Easy adoption of external tools
  • HPC options for many algorithms

C++, Qt toolkit, JQuery, Java, JIRA, TeamCity

SNP Toolbox (UNIPRO, since 2011)

Software for processing and analysis of large amount of SNP genomic variations.  Powerful integrated database, comprised of refined data from mostly known world molecular biological data sources. Graphical interface  and stream data processing substantialy lighten user efforts. Beta-version is on testing stage.


  • database with all known genes, SNPs and their annotations, relation to deseases, damaging effect matrices
  • high-capacity set of filters
  • selection of candidate variations with large damaging effect
  • fast processing of big data arrays
  • multi-tier visualization  and firendly user interface
  • vast options for customization
  • multi-platform support

C++, Qt toolkit, JIRA, JQuery, Java

Application for microbiom data (ARRIAM, SPb, RF, 2012)

Our bionformatics team developed 3 specific algorithms for processing libraries of 16sRNA gene of microbial communities on UGENE platform basis.

C++, Qt toolkit

Integrated package for processing bio images (UK, 2011)

Web-application on Windows Azure cloud, enabling in details to monitor status of all run tasks, workload of computational capacities and users authorization.

C++, Qt toolkit, Java, MS Azure