Programming web-conferencing systems sucessfuly compete  costly hardware-related solutions

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We help to the users community targeted to treat opensource web-conferencing solutions and propose commercial support of Apache OpenMeetings system.

Our services include: logo OM-2

    • OpenMeetings server installing and support;
    • Moderation;
    • Integration with most popular CRM and systems including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Mooddle, Bitrix, SugarCRM;
    • SIP/VOIP integration;
    • Additional services including network check, providing recommendations for the problems repairing on the server and client sides, tuning free disk space monitoring system, etc.;
    • Almost any customizations in the user interface and functionality.

FAQ and price list for all service are available here.

You can try OpenMeetings on our demo server.

Education with OpenMeetings – is the mostly demanded application for this web-conferencing system.