Development of technologies and business strategies place new challenges

Porting & Migration

New efficient and high-performance solutions – platforms, technologies and environments are possibly be used for your IT systems and applications. We are ready to help you to come through by a safe, step-by-step smooth transition.

Work types

  • Porting software to new hw architecture;
  • Programming languages migration;
  • Runtime platforms migration;
  • Toolkits and compilers porting;
  • Database and data format conversion;
  • Version migration of technlogical components;
  • Various national languages localization.

We rely on the following principles:

Detailed analysis of the system business environment
This allows us to choose the most appropriate technology solutions for proper performance, compatibility and scalability; to optimize migration/poring cost and reduce risks.

Safe migration
Our step-by-step migration approach provides low-risk migration with a sequential step-by-step migration process which maintains system integrity throughout the migration cycle.

Porting/migration process automation
When porting or migrating software, we automate the process as much as possible, reducing the probability of human error. We thoroughly test the porting software to ensure that there will be no defects in the ported/migrated system caused by the automated tools.

Optimal solutions for the destination technology
Optimal means cost-effective and high performance technologies with a perspective market potential. We analyze available market solutions in order to choose the best one for the system to migrate to.

Maximum software reuse
We maximize reusing of existing software modules and tests. This reduces the cost of migration and aids consistent system functioning during the migration process.

Extensive testing of ported/migrated software
During the testing we primarily focus on system integrity, functionality, performance, compatibility.