The more emphasis you place on testing from the beginning, the less trouble you’ll have in the end

Software Testing

Testing, as a separate process, requires close integration with the core work on the project from its early stages. And we value testing as high as the development. The effectiveness of our testing service is proved by many years of experience and R&D in exactly that field. We implement full cycle of testing procedures during software life cycle as well as separate testing projects of different types.

Test types

Certification (conformance) testing
checking for compliance with the formal specifications of the platform, technology or programming language. For microprocessors – it’s a check for compliance with specifications of their command system . Completed projects.
Functional testing
the correctness and completeness of software implementation, including all possible boundary cases, incorrect input data, and so forth. Validl for web applications and services, algorithms and libraries, compilers and virtual machines.
Testing and performance analysis
bottlenecks are identified and addressed through improved algorithms and design, replacement of technologies, as well as hardware and software setting up.
Load and stress testing
is held for web applications and services, algorithms and computational libraries.
UI testing
automatic and interactive testing of product user interface to verify its functionality and usability.


We use an extensive set of tools  designed to automate the testing process as much as possible – from shell script to Java and  XML. Automated tеesting includes functional, regression, unit types.
Our instruments are used for  automatic test generation, tests porting, development of test suites, code coverage measurement, optimization, static analysis, automatic test run. Also we use the-shelf software tools – TeamCity, Hudson, Jenkins.