February 28, 2020

Genome editing in NSU with UGENE

The National Technological Initiative (NTI) Kruzhok movement regularly holds competitions in genome editing among young people. This time such an Olympiad, held at the NSU site, gathered students of different courses, who solved real problems of synthetic biology, using modern databases, understanding the intricacies of biological processes and working with bioinformatics data. We are pleased that our Unipro UGENE, a free bioinformatics software created for research biologists helped students to overcome computational challenges. The event organizers invited us to share the experience of creating high-tech software with young participants in the Olympiad. They were interested in everything – a retrospective of the development of bioinformatics in UNIPRO, today’s realities and immediate prospects. We discussed various technical issues and guys shared their thoughts on improving the interface. We agreed on further cooperation by all available means.


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