June 19, 2019

UGENE’s 11th anniversary

Our favorite “bioinformatics child” entered adolescence by human standards. But according to IT industry standards, this is already a mature product. During 11 years Unipro UGENE has become distinctly recognizable, gained definite market portion and wide range of users. The project is been actively developed in two directions : 1) deepening  of already covered bioinformatics areas and 2) adding of new areas bio data analysis.

The project team is facing inquires of biologists in non-stop mode, helping them bypass the bottlenecks of data processing in their research and properly deal with UGENE functionality. Much attention is paid to users’ tips for improving the GUI and requests for new features.

The product GUI possibilities are permanently expanded. Considerable contribution to the project is made by external experts. E.g. in 2018 the block of metagenomics analysis appeared, created under the auspices of the international project VIROGENESIS. Earlier in 2013-14, module of NGS data analysis unit was created with the participation of American NIH NIAD.

UGENE team is thoughtfully leading user education via YouTube podcast, website and social networks, but also at international schools of young scientists.

Though project is open and free, it successfully competes in many respects with commercial packages. Unipro UGENE  is regularly cited in scientific publications. The team leads custom projects both in the academic sector and with biotech companies. We are optimistic with the project roadmap!

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