April 25, 2019

OpenMeetings is moved to WebRTC

At the beginning of April, Unipro team released new 5.0.0-M1 version of OpenMeetings web-conferencing system  with a long-awaited support of WebRTC technology. Our movement towards this technology stack started several years ago. And finally, the whole media functionality, namely audio/video transmitting and screen sharing, has been transferred to WebRTC, which ensures data streaming between browsers. This allows processing media signals via more comprehensive codecs, which increases the stability of communication and accelerates it. Implementation of the mobile client is significantly simplified either. Furthermore still, the full functionality of OpenMeetings is available to mobile users after porting user interface to Html5/WebRTC technology.

Unlike the proprietary Flash technology used in OpenMeetings   from the very start, WebRTC technology is open, standardized and supported by international Internet regulators. It is embedded in the latest versions of all popular browsers. Thus, starting with the new version of OpenMeetings, Flash technology is totally going out from this popular video conferencing system.

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