Education with OpenMeetings

Apache OpenMeetings is mostly demanded in education sphere for distant learning. The first implementations of the system were successfully made in German universites as early as 2007.

Any number of virtual rooms – for any number of teachers, student groups and subjects. Collaborative work takes place on a virtual board, a common screen. Interactive is realized via audio-video, chat, polls and voting. Repetition is supported by video recording and class replay. Storage is available to the files and videos directory.

Integration with distant learning management systems (LMS) provides the convenience of utilizing web conferencing.

  • Moodle – more than 1K educational web sites, driven by this LMS, are integrated with OpenMeetings web conferencing, see more
  • Sakai – this open source educational platform is integrated with OpenMeetings since 2010 and is supported by Spanish Universities Community
  • futher integrations are possible for some other LMS/CMS/VLE, you can try on your own or address OpenMeetings community

Case studies on usage of OpenMeetings for  education in SME business:

  • Netmusica (Germany, since 2014) – online musical lessons for adults
  • Aplustutoring (USA, since 2011) – tutoring and test preparation center for students of all ages
  • «Academia», publishing center, which is   conducting   webinars in T&E center and uses communications subsystem in new technological platform

Our team can provide technical support of OpenMeetings servers in your educational projects  on a regular, periodic and ad hoc basis. Please, address your questions to