August 23, 2018

New UGENE workflows for metagenomics presented at BGRS’2018

UGENE team is a regular participant of BGRS conference at Novosibirsk. This time new workflows for effective classification of metagenomics whole-genome NGS data were highlighted in presentation of Unipro engineer Dmitry Sukhomlinov. Several instruments and relevant databases were integrated into UGENE software upon collaboration with VIROGENESIS project. This resulted in new computational infrastructure for the
June 5, 2018


The collaboration between UGENE team and VIROGENESIS project is successfully ongoing since the mid of 2017. The first stage resulted in the development of several tools and workflows embedded in UGENE bioinformatics software, under the lead of University of Florida and Emweb company, consortium participants. UGENE provides user-friendly software platform for new bioinformatics instruments, which
May 3, 2018

UGENE helps bioinformatics activities at NSU

Last day of April 2018 Novosibirsk state university (NSU) held young scientists school on bioinformatics, where Unipro engineers participated with educational workshop, which helped to get basic skills on how to perform the most common genomics tasks in UGENE. That is sequence annotations, functional elements search, sequence alignment, etc. Subsequent second Hackathon on bioinformatics LifeCode
April 13, 2018

OpenMeetings at SIIS’2018

This year 10th anniversary IT forum SIIS attracted hundreds of specialists from companies, universities, government agencies to discuss global, national and local trends in IT. Smart cities technologies, digital transformation of energetics and training for digital economy were tracked on special workshops. «Made in Siberia» one-day conference provided its site to Siberian companies to demonstrate
November 15, 2017

OpenMeetings 10th annivarsary

This year open source web conferencing system OpenMeetings has 10th anniversary. Its functional list is competitive with that of commercial systems up to 100 users. Taking origin in Germany project got a quick progress through implementation to a number of German universities to support the education process. In 2009 the project became open source, which
April 25, 2017

Unipro presents system programming achievements

In the midst of April 9-th  Simposium on Industry of Information Systems (SIIS) was held in Novosibirsk Academpark. Vast areas diversity attracted about one thousand visitors. Data managament, cyber security, systems for critical centers, smart city management, import substitution for government – this is a part of themes discussed. Unipro engineers demonstrated their recent advances
February 3, 2017

System software direction enhanced

New compiler-related initiatives are enhanced at the start of this year by highly experienced programming engineers. Unipro is permanently increasing its system software direction, especially projects concerning with Russian processors architecture Elbrus.
December 24, 2016

New Year on the doorstep

Dear partners, users, colleauges and friends! Thank you for your support and partnership in 2016. We look forward to continuing our communications in 2017 Year. Unipro team wishes you peace, optimism and prosperity throughout the coming 2017 year! Happy holidays from everyone here at Unipro, and we will see you in 2017!
October 19, 2016

Again about Russian Java implementation

After half a year of warm work our talanted junior engineers presented tricks and tips of system software development for specific hardware platform underlying Russian CPUs of Elbrus series. This time it was Joker  professional Javaconference in Saint Petersburg. Particular details  of the software project attracted great interest and many questions from the audience.
September 19, 2016

UGENE at Software Freedom Day in NSU

Novosibirsk became one of 4 Russian cities where Software Freedom Day om 17 Sept is selebrated this year, among other 128 locations worldwide.  Our team of free bioinformatics platform  UGENE, being developed from 2008 in Unipro, shared its expertise in leading complex science-intensive project.  It seems to be the mostly developed at industry-level  solution with
September 5, 2016

Attending BGRS’2016 and SBB’2016

Since 2004 our bioinformtics team participate with presentations in international conferences on Bioinformatics of Genome Regilation and Structure (BGRS). This year UGENE presented two talks: first about project opportunities for young scientsts education and second devoted to new algorithm for Sanger sequencing data processing. Our developers also conducted a tutorial at the school of young
August 26, 2016

UGENE in Seoul

In mid-August 2016  UGENE developers visited Seoul at the invitation of the organizers of 21st International Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology (VEME’2016). There they trained young virologists how to process and analyze data of high-throughput sequencing (NGS) in quick pipelines using the tools built in UGENE. 
December 20, 2015

OpenMeetings on DrupalCamp

December 2015 OpenMeetings presentation on DrupalCamp Siberia 2015 attracted much interest of business section audience due to good opportunities for integration videoconferencing services with Drupal driven sites, customization options and high security level.  
November 20, 2015

OmMobile first version

We are happy to announce launch of the first Android mobile client version for Apache OpenMeetings. All you need is to find OmMobile application in GooglePlay and install it to your mobile device. We’ll appreciate your feedback.
July 12, 2015

UGENE cycling tour

In honor of the next release UGENE bioinformatics platform, version 1.17, the sports vanguard of the development team put into action a bicycle march towards Morozovo village and swim in the waters of the gulf of Berd.  
April 25, 2015

Speaking at SIIS’2015

This year our engineers delivered 3 presentations at different sections  of  IT forum  SIIS’2015. Maxim Solodovnik enlighted the development process of open-source videoconference product Apache OpenMeeetings, which is also maintained by UNIPRO team. Irina Arkhipets talked about  Jazz project, new Java-code analyser,  which may become popular in infomation security area as having big potential. Roman