June 5, 2018


The collaboration between UGENE team and VIROGENESIS project is successfully ongoing since the mid of 2017. The first stage resulted in the development of several tools and workflows embedded in UGENE bioinformatics software, under the lead of University of Florida and Emweb company, consortium participants. UGENE provides user-friendly software platform for new bioinformatics instruments, which are implemented within VIROGENESIS scope of work. The project consortium is aimed to overcome the complexity of NGS data analyzing for the kingdom of viruses in order to apply them much more effectively in every-day epidemiological analysis. New instruments will become available in the free and open source software platform to be massively used in the field to help further research and application. Novel algorithms, models and bioinformatics methods will speed the research making it possible to run analyses on a daily basis for diagnostics, phylogeography, phylodynamics of viruses and transmission of drug resistance.

UGENE team is responsible for implementation of computational tools and pipelines for viral genome typing and classification. These tools will be integrated in the UGENE GUI in the form of menus and workflows to support user-friendly usage and sustainability of the tools after project completion.

On May 2018 annual VIROGENESIS project meeting was held at J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), where participants discussed various aspects of its final stage and project results dissemination.

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