August 26, 2019

UGENE on VEME 2019 international workshop

In early August, our UGENE team took part in the annual international virology and epidemiology workshop VEME 2019 in Hong Kong. It’s the fourth year for our bioinformatics programmers to teach young biologists at this event how to effectively solve the problems in their research using methods and tools built into Unipro UGENE open bioinformatics platform.

This year the list of tools has been expanded by to metagenomics block created during the last year in collaboration with international project VIROGENESIS. The school annually gathers a strong teaching staff from research centers working at the forefront of science. We are pleased to help scientists in deepening knowledge about the evolution of microorganisms, in their quick identification and classification. After all, by and large, this affects the biological safety of the whole Earth.

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