April 17, 2024

The 50.0 release of UGENE

The anniversary UGENE 50.0 has been released. It includes improvements and updates to several popular tools – Primer3 for selecting primers, the PlusMapper annotation database for plasmids, and the Python interpreter. Two new tools have been added: Primer-BLAST to query the NCBI database for selected primers and Mfold to identify hairpin structures in DNA/RNA. The stability and interface of the package have been improved. In the new podcast video you can clearly see the new options.

The number of downloads of the new release in three days has already approached 2 thousand. From release to release, the number of downloads of new versions is growing. Thus, the previous version of UGENE 49.1 was downloaded 39 thousand times, and the most popular of the previous versions 46.0 was downloaded 28 thousand times. The number of citations of scientific publications on research results obtained using UGENE has reached 3 thousand according to Google Scholar.

According to the geographical distribution of users, the United States is in first place, Russia is in second, followed by Germany, China, and another 140 countries around the world.

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