The company has vast experience in conducting projects of different types:

Pure offshore project –   primary model used in our business practice. Client can develop software project partly by its own workforce, outsourcing complicated components either delegate the whole project implementation to outsource. In both cases client provides overall guidance and possess all IPR. Some of the activities may be performed by our engineers at customer’s site, specifically: on-site testing and deployment. Frequently these projects turn to long-term collaborations and possess stable teams.

Joint development – is practiced when two or more partners integrated in one project, each party being responsible for certain stages of the work, investing their own resources and  then obtaining an adequate share from production delivery to market.  Subtype of this model is open-source projects, for example  OpenMeetings.

Own  development  – such projects are characteristic for majority of evolving companies. Our products UGENE and SNP Toolbox in bioinformatics gain users from all over the world.

From time to time we  gain grant funding that helps to develop high-tech and science-intensive projects.

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