November 15, 2017

OpenMeetings 10th annivarsary

This year open source web conferencing system OpenMeetings has 10th anniversary. Its functional list is competitive with that of commercial systems up to 100 users.

Taking origin in Germany project got a quick progress through implementation to a number of German universities to support the education process. In 2009 the project became open source, which helped to attract developers from different countries.

Three years later, the project got Russian localization, attracted local developers and customers. In 2011, OpenMeetings development and technical support moved to our company. Since 2012, the project is being developed under the auspices of open-source devoted Apache Software Foundation (ASF) possessing the same license, which allows it to be used in commercial projects. OM project is presented by Russian development team on a regular basis at the international conference ApacheCon.

It is worth noting that web conferencing services based on OpenMeetings formally are offered by about a dozen companies around the world. Since 2015 mobile application OmMobile for Android is available on GooglePlay. Soon for realization is mobile application for iOS.

Three categories of activities where OpenMeetings is used are as follows: 1) distance learning (webinars for higher education students, corporate universities, additional education, tutoring); 2) remote consulting (medical, financial, legal); 3) interaction within multi-site enterprises with high security requirements (banks, government services, innovation agencies).

A large number of users around the world is a good incentive for the product to live and develop.

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