Since  2012 we are inolved in information system development of medicine

Medical systems

Our engineers are experienced in design of the whole medical systems as well as their components. Furthermore, we routinely sink into  different biomedical   areas in order to get expertise for new  developments.

Medical information system (MIS) for RF regions (2012-2014)

Starting with elaboration of specifications we developed several components of regional-scale MIS. Top valued are high-throughput services for interconnection of hospitals inside a region and with federal IT services.


  • Processing of data of millions of patients
  • Working via international protocols IHE, HI7, OpenEHR, CDA
  • Various user interfaces  — web, infomat terminals, SOAP
  • Monitoring, audit and security —  at international standards level

Java, HAPI (HL7 Java API), OpenEMPI, OpenPIXPDQ, OpenXDS, OpenEHR, JDBI, PostgreSQL, Apache CXF, JAX-WS RI, Spring, Apache Wicket, Hibernate, JSON, Apache Jaxen, Jsoup, AspectJ, Quartz, JXL, Log4J, SLF4J, Liquibase, JQuery

Clinial decision support system (CDSS) for federal medical center (RF, 2014-15)

Technical  specification and working prototype was  developed following best practices for this class of medical systems.


  • Module of data acquisition and pre-processing
  • Module of data extraction for two medical registers
  • Administrative module

Java, Apache Tomcat, Simple Framework, Apache Wicket, ReactJS, DBMS PostgreSQL, DBMS MongoDB, Apache Nutch, Apache Solr, Apache Quartz Scheduler

Medical inforamtion system for diagnostics service for population screening (RF, 2014)

Development of technical specifications for the implementation of IT system, a part of a new diagnosis services via genomics methods.


  • User interfaces for doctors and technicicans of diagnostic complex
  • Interaction with sub-system of genetics diagnosis
  • Interaction with external IT systems
  • Design of data formats and reports